Griffey was in the first group of Turkey dogs GT rescued from Istanbul, arriving in the US on May 20th 2016.  We knew he was something special!  Sonny threw him a treat and he caught it in his mouth.  Fast forward about three weeks and we the good fortune to foster him.  Griffey fit in easily with our other adopted GT alums Moose and Caramel.  Sadly, on July 7th 2016 our Moose suddenly passed away and, ironically, Griffey was to be adopted the following day.  Patty and I were devastated and we could not imagine letting Griffey go since we knew he would help us heal.  Since we had fostered so much for GT, they contacted Griffey’s potential adopter, explained the situation,  and they agreed that we needed Griffey more than they did so we adopted him immediately.  Here we are almost 8 years later, and The Griffer (one of his many nicknames) has slowed down quite a bit and barks whenever he wants attention – it’s his “thing”.   He’s our best boy and our rock star and we could not imagine our lives without him and his now sister, Abby (of course, another GT rescue…our 6th!).  Thank you Golden Treasures for rescuing, saving and finding loving new homes for these goldens!

Sonny & Patty


We met Kimber(FKA Sandy) November 20th, 2022 when we agreed to foster her.  She no sooner hopped out of Sandy’s car, wiggling that petite, cute tush, that we knew she wasn’t going anywhere!  Kimber  quickly helped fill the huge void we felt after losing GTR alumni, Kate.  She is our first mill dog, having spent 5 years pumping out puppies for profit.  When she gets excited, she spins in circles as she walks.  Our resident dog, GTR alumni Lucy, wasted no time teaching Kimber good manners and the rules of living in a home, as opposed to a crate in a barn.  She became a confident girl, which made it easier for her to adapt to being an ‘only’ dog when we lost Lucy a few short months later.

Kimber(aka Roo-Roo) is attached to her human Dad and spends evenings sitting on the couch next to him. She loves her nubby balls, barking orders at the local wildlife and protecting the perimeter of her yard.  She efficiently holds the top dog position with our newest addition, GTR alumni, Bexley. 

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the volunteers of Golden Treasures Rescue who make these matches possible!  Rescue truly happens at both ends of the leash.

Lynn & Larry


Mara, now known as Marli, began her journey to her forever home in July 2021, 6000 miles away in Turkey. She is an international rescue, made possible through Golden Treasures.  She arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare airport and little did she know her forever home would only be 30 miles away, but she would have to travel 700 more miles to get there.

Upon arrival, Golden Treasures vet discovered she needed surgery on her leg. All expenses and after care were provided by Golden Treasures. They care tremendously for their dogs.    We saw her picture on Petfinder, after her recovery. We knew she was the dog for us.   Our call to Golden Treasures was returned promptly and after being assured they would consider adopting out of state, we started the adoption process.

 Jan 14, 2022 is Marli’s “Gotcha Day”. We couldn’t be happier! She is the best girl. She loves going on daily walks, getting petted, eating, naps, and being outside. She’s a true golden.  Everyone tells us, she’s so lucky we found her, I tell them, we’re lucky she found us!    Since we don’t know her birthday, we chose July 2, the day she arrived in America. It’s her American birthday, and she loves to party!

Thank you again Golden Treasures! 

Mike & Kathy


It’s been two months since we adopted Trixie through Golden Treasures and we are so grateful to have her and I selfishly think she is happy to have us!  She is now running and chasing her sister Sammie around the yard.  She plays with toys instead of hoarding them.  She gets braver every day, comes to greet us when we come home and knows our routine and just is happy!  If you’re ever on the fence about adopting- don’t be.  It’s been a wonderful experience!



Just thought I’d share an update on the puppy Gus that we adopted. His name is Henry now, and he’s now 4. Here he is with his little sister Daisy, who is a Golden Treasures rescue as well! When I adopted him as a puppy, the skin on his snout was in the process of healing from an infection that was left untreated by the puppy mill. He ended up having permanent hair loss on his snout as a result, but he is still very handsome, and I think his snout gives him a lot of character! He’s such a good and happy boy and is very loved.

Rachel Ann


One snowy night in southern Ohio  Midnight (black flatcoat retriever)  almost became a statistic of a hit & run car accident, left on the side of the road to die.   Luckily she was found by a local shelter who contacted Golden Treasures.  GTR stepped in and arranged for surgery (hip replacement and pelvic repair).   From there she came to our house for recovery – 8 weeks of crate containment followed by 8 weeks of leash walking.  After 4 months of recovery she was ready for adoption.  Of course there’s no way we would let her go!

But having one golden wanna-be is not enough.  In 2020 while picking up some goldens at a puppy mill, Sandy was asked to help a young aussie male who was hanging around the puppy mill.   Never turning down a dog in need, GTR agreed to take this young boy in.  We were asked to hold him until she could find an aussie rescue to take him.    “Sparky” had other ideas!  He immediately made himself at home, getting along with Midnight and our other two house dogs.   He had found his forever home.




Annie was rescued by GTGRR from a large backyard breeder in 2016 after spending 3 years locked in a cage in a backyard.   We were fostering Annie when she was first rescued and she was so terrified of everything she had to be carried everywhere, including outside to go potty, for almost a month – and she weighed 60 lbs.!  With the help of our 3 other dogs, and lots of patience, she slowly gained confidence and by then we knew she had to become a forever member of our family.   As her fears went away her super sweet and silly personality emerged.  She is a large lap dog who has may quirks and comical mannerisms and we always joke that she has no concept of personal space.   She can fit herself into any space in order to cuddle with us and our other dogs.   One day when she was at our veterinarian’s office he said “she is such a delightful dog,” and that describes her perfectly.  She keeps us laughing and entertained even at 11 years old now.  It is amazing what a little love and patience can do!

Cheryl & John


Rusty was adopted in early 2020 when he was just 1 month shy of being 2 years old.  When he was rescued from a puppy mill, he had a badly broken left rear leg.  His leg was rebuilt with extensive hardware and bone grafts, which resulted in a “stiff” leg.  For the first year with us he was a typical 2-year-old puppy.  Even with his rebuilt leg, he was excited to go on walks through our neighborhood and our local park.  We encountered a few times where he got sores on his leg, which generally cleared up with antibiotics.  However, about 1 ½ years ago, he developed a crack on the paw of that leg, which never healed correctly.  After getting infected many times and with multiple visits to his Vet, we came to the tough decision to remove the leg.  In December of 2023, he officially became a “tripod”.  He has adapted amazingly.  He has no issues running, since he almost always lifted that leg to run anyway. He plays with his mates Cody and Hope. He has started taking walks and can do a country block with but an occasional sit to rest.  He’s much happier, isn’t eating bandages and he really likes not having to wear his e-collar when we aren’t home or sleeping at night.  Much more contented.

Hope was adopted in September of 2022.  She was about 8 months old and a little bundle of nerves.  It was obvious that she didn’t not have a quality of life during her time prior to being rescued.  She was afraid of everything! She’s gotten much better during the last 1 ½ years.  She’s still fearful of things and people she doesn’t know, but eventually warms up to people.  She’s becoming a wonderful family dog.  She has her funning quirks and likes to sit on the top of the office love seat back.  She enjoys walks and particularly Zooming in the back yard. 

Ted & Bev

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