We operate mainly in northeast Ohio, but have helped dogs throughout the state. We try to network with the other golden retriever rescues in Ohio. Networking is very important in rescue and GT is always willing to work with other rescues in an effort to re-home goldens.

The unwanted pet problem in the U.S. is too great for any one person or agency to solve. However, if each of us takes responsibility for working on a piece of the problem, we can make a difference. In addition to providing direct services to golden retrievers, we provide indirect assistance to other dogs by providing contacts to other breed-specific and all-breed rescues. By removing goldens promptly from shelters and pounds, we free up space for other homeless dogs. To avoid contributing to the pet over-population problem, we spay and neuter all rescues and promote obedience training as a preventative rescue technique. There is a rescue for almost every breed of dog. Just check the internet.

Our dogs come mainly from three sources: owners, pounds and shelters, and once in a while someone finds a stray. The most common reasons given by owners for giving up their dog include: divorce, moving, no time, illness, financial reversals, loss of interest, or inability to properly care for the dog. A very small percentage is abused. Most are merely neglected. Neglect can be benign and due to the owner’s lack of education about proper dog care (allowing the dog to become obese, flea-infested, have chronic or severe ear infections). Shelters release golden retrievers found as strays to rescue. These dogs would otherwise be euthanized because of a lack of space for them. Old, ill or disabled dogs may be challenging for these facilities to place and are the more likely to be euthanized. Golden Treasures does not discriminate against age or medical condition when helping.

All our goldens are first admitted to an animal hospital, where they receive complete veterinary exams, all shots, are spayed or neutered. Any medical conditions are treated before the dog is made available for adoption. The health of each golden is fully disclosed to prospective adopters. We have placed goldens with special medical needs (such as epilepsy) with adopters who are able and willing to provide those needs.

The first step is for you to fill out and submit an application.  Either on-line or you can download and fax the completed application.
We will review your application, then contact your vet(s) for history on current and previous pets.  It can take 3 – 4 weeks, depending on the number of dogs we have, and the number of applications that have been submitted.  To read more about the process, click here.

We will NEVER ask you to make an online payment,  If someone does, they do not represent Golden Treasures.  We only ask for payment, IN PERSON, at the time you pick up your new dog.

We very rarely have puppies for adoption. The dogs in our program usually range from 10 months up to 12 years and older. If you want a puppy, we suggest you contact a local golden retriever club. Please do not buy a puppy from a pet shop, because 90% of puppies in pet shops come from puppy mills.

Although most dogs are house broken, they still require time, patience and training to fit into their new families. People who want to adopt because ”they don’t have the time to train a dog” should think carefully about how much time and commitment they have to give to any dog. Senior goldens are often the best choice for individuals or families with busy schedules. These wonderful, mellow dogs are content to take a quiet morning walk, spend the day snoozing and then welcome their owners home with a wagging tail.

We were founded by volunteers who had previously put another rescue program in place for one of the larger golden rescues in the area. With a combined total of 20+ years of experience in place, they have pooled their knowledge and experience to found Golden Treasures. Our program is able to continue due to the dedication of golden retriever lovers who are willing to spend their time, talent and efforts to help this great breed of dog.

If you know of any goldens in need of our help, or of anyone interested in adopting one of our rescued dogs, please refer that person to us. If you would like to join us in our efforts, please go to our “How can I Help?” page



Loads of behavior content will help you work with the new canine members of your family.   Video links will be added soon

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If you’ve recently lost a canine member of your family and would like to talk to others who have been through the same thing, or get some guidance through discussions in chat rooms (on pet bereavement only), or if you have a pet who is ill, you’ll find this website very helpful. www.aplb.org

Pet Emergency Form

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