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Sammy and Jaxson: Males, Seniors

Sammy and Jaxson - These two sweeties are looking for a new home in the twilight years.  How sad is that?  They were given up by their owner because he could no longer care for them.  Lucky dogs.  They're now Golden Treasures.  Both of these guys are tall for the breed.  And both need to lose weight, especially Sammy.  Jackson is 9 and Sammy is 12.  They have the typical "senior" attitude--been there, done that.  A plus is that they get along with not only people, but other animals.  Can you step up to give these two a stable place to live out their "golden" years?


Apollo: Male, 5 years old

He doesn't like his short haircut, but what he does like is playing ball. After a long trip from Turkey, he's looking for an all-adult home. He'll tolerate a quiet dog, but would much rather be an only dog, so that he can hog all the love and attention that he's been missing out on. He's 5, so he's just getting started with his new life here in the USA. As a Turkey dog, his adoption fee is $800.




Rayna: Female, 3 years old

Here is another full-time mom. She's one of the lucky ones--only took 3 years to get her out. Now she's ready to move along to a better life, with her own family. She's currently on Weight Watchers, and her new family will have to continue a diet to get a few more pounds off. Rayna is ready to move on to a new family, one which will have to include another dog and a fenced-in yard.




Chloe: Female, Senior

Senior pair that lost their home due to owner going into nursing home. They are very bonded and good with cats and other dogs. Chloe the black Lab needs to lose some weight. Charlie has arthritis in his back end and is on meds to help with that. Very sweet old dogs.
Chloe - This senior black lab is best friends with Charlie, the chocolate guy.  They are a bonded senior pair that we would like to keep together, now that their owner is in a nursing home.  Chloe needs to lose a few pounds and Charlie has a bit of arthritis in his back legs which is being helped with some meds.  My theory is, if you live long enough, everybody gets arthritis!  Both dogs, beside loving each other, get along great with other dogs and cats.  Got some spare time to devote to these two?  They'll be forever grateful.



Charlie Male, Senior

Charlie - See his story above, with Chloe.  Right now, they're both wondering what's happening.  But we're sure they'll welcome a new family into their lives.  These guys have the senior attitude:  "Been there, done that." which makes for a very nice new member of the family.



Kenzie: Female, 5 years old

Kenzie - She's another of our Turkey dogs.  At 5 to 6 years old, she needs to lose a few pounds.  That will help with her mobility and the arthritis she has.  She absolutely loves other dogs, so if we can find a home with a dog or two, she'll be able to play, thus helping shed some weight.  As with all our Turkey dogs, she needs a fence.  Fee for Turkey dogs is $800.



Clyde: Male, 15 months old

Clyde - He is an owner turn-in.  At 15 months old, he's barely out of the puppy stage.  He's a typical golden pup--active, eager to please and looking for a home with another dog and a fence.  He's on the shy side at first, but we're seeing him warming up and coming out of his shell.  He'll be acclimated in no time..



Tina: Female, 6 years old

The only life this cutie has ever known was being used for breeding. That's 6 years of nothing but taking care of her pups, only to have another litter before she's had a chance to live a life of her own. She is good with other dogs, but she's been so busy, she's a little shy at first. She will need a home with another dog and a fence.



Emma: Female, 2 years old

Here is another of our Turkey dogs. Emma is 2 years old. She's an active girl, likes to play with other dogs, but wants to be the center of attention with her people. She's willing to learn the house rules and just so happy to be here! She, along with all the Turkey dogs, requires a fence. Fee for Turkey dogs is $800.


Kip: Male, 11 months old

He is one of the dogs that came from Turkey about a month ago. He's been evaluated in foster and is ready to move on. At 11 months old, Kip is a typical puppy, wants to play all the time, especially with other dogs, and is good at jaw-wrestling with his foster sister. No red flags with this guy. He'll need a fence and another dog to play with. Adoption fee for dogs from Turkey is $800.



Rosie: Female, 7 years old

She, obviously, isn't a golden. But the only big difference between Rosie and other goldens is her color. This flat-coat is 7 years old and very active. Her owner passed away and the extended family wasn't an option. Rosie is good with other dogs and her favorite thing to do is play ball. In fact, she'll play ball all day long if she can! You up for a game of catch? 


Mickey: Male, 3 years old

Meet Mickey. He's a tall 3-year-old golden who enjoys the company of other dogs and especially of people. He's good with other dogs and, in fact, prefers to be in a home with another dog or two. Mickey gets anxious when he's in a new situation, so we want an understanding family that will introduce him to new things gradually. A family where someone is home a lot. He also needs a fence?