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Cameran (Cammie): Female, 5 years old

She's a real beauty! At 5 years old, she's spent those years in a puppy mill. But now she's on her way to a better life. Good with kids, cats and dogs, she would enjoy the company of another dog and has to have a fence.





Lily: Female, 5 years old

She's one of the lucky ones who was able to get away from the puppy mill. Unfortunately, it took 5 years. But that's all behind her now as she becomes a Golden Treasure. Lily is good with kids, cats, and would enjoy another dog of two. As with all our mill dogs, a fence is a must.



Reba: Female, 6 years old

She's not a country singer, but she has lived in the country--at a puppy mill. At 6 years old, she's just now getting her first taste of normal living and is already starting to come around. With a fence and another dog, she'll blossom!.



Jordy: Male, 2 years old

This guy is 2 years old and has spent his life in a puppy mill. He's good with other dogs, kids, and even cats. Now that he's a Golden Treasure, he'll have a shot at normal life, with a family that loves him as a member of their pack, not a money-maker. As with all of our mill dogs, he'll need a fence and another dog.



Duke: Male, 4 years old

When this 4-year-old first came to us, he actually wouldn't even walk.  He was "army crawling" on his stomach.  But, boy, you should see him now!  As his foster family tells us, he's doing well, learning the ropes from his foster brother and sister, loves to play, now walks upright, is learning to walk on a leash and picking that up quickly.  He gets better on each walk.  His previous life wasn't that great, but he seems to be making up for lost time.  He'll need a fence and, hopefully, another dog or two to play with.



Annie: Female, 1 year old

Another puppy mill dog, 1-year-old Annie has come into our rescue. She's barely out of the puppy stage. She's doing great in foster, wags her tail when she meets other dogs and kids on her walks. After her foster mom watched another young male we think she would love to have another young non-dominant dog to play with. Of course, a fence is a must.



Rueger: Male, 10 years old

Here's another puppy mill entry. When he came in, he was a grooming nightmare. But a trip to the groomer solved that issue. He's obviously a senior male (probably around 10 years old) and Chloe is one of his special friends. His foster says he's pretty social and is settling in nicely, awaiting a new home. He does want us to find a home with a fence and possibly another dog.



Tanner: Male, 2 years old

What a handsome guy! Tanner is 2 years old and came from a puppy mill. But, unlike most mill dogs, he's more confident, so is coming around already. He's good with all--kids, cats and other dogs. He will need a fence and, hopefully, another dog to play with.



Chloe: Female, 4 years old

This gal is 4 years old. She likes to interact with other dogs and comes from a puppy mill. Mill dogs are typically not socialized properly, but there are sometimes exceptions. She seems to be one. Now that she's gone from the mill and with Golden Treasures, she's ready to get on with her new life. She's gonna require a fence and another dog to help her along.



Koda: Male, 4 years old

This sweetie is a 4-year-old male who is looking for a new home and a fence. He loves to play with other dogs, but tends to get excited and needs a time out every now and then. His previous life wasn't much to write home about, so we'd like to try to make up for lost time.



Tara: Female, 5 years old

Tara spent more time in the puppy mill than recent additions Molly and Misty.  She is working hard in her foster home to learn the routine of her foster siblings and get comfortable in a home environment.  Tara is 5 years old, and because of the life she's led, is very shy and untrusting.    She is such a sweet girl who doesn’t yet understand the love she deserves.  With time and patience she will get there.....   She'd do best with ANOTHER DOG OR TWO AND A COMPLETELY FENCED IN YARD.


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