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Gracie: Female, 6 years old

Gracie - Once used for breeding at a puppy mill, she has now been able to get out and start a new, better life. She spent her first 6 years as a moma, but hit the jackpot when she became a Golden Treasure. With not much socialization at the mill, she's a little shy at first, but easily warms up once she knows a gentle hand. She likes other animals, so if you have any, consider her. A fence and another dog are a must.



Buddy: Male, 4 years old

Buddy - When he lived in the puppy mill, he never got the chance to play, especially not in the leaves. Now that he's moving on, playing in the leaves can come off of his bucket list. At 3 years old, this friendly guy is looking for K9 pal to help him go through that list. He definitely needs a fence and a confident dog to help him adjust. We see lots of exercise in his future, since he could stand to lose a few pounds.



Charlie: Male, 4 years old

Charlie - a new entry into the race to find a new home for the holidays, this handsome 4-year-old is from a puppy mill. He's good with kids and other dogs, but hasn't been cat-tested yet. He requires another dog in the home and a fence. Can Santa bring him to your house?



Merlin: Male, 4 years old

Merlin - he started his life in the dog meat trade of China, 4 years ago. Then he hit the rescue jackpot when he was flown over to join Golden Treasures. He’s good with other dog and has not been cat-tested yet. As with all dogs from other countries, we have to ask a higher adoption fee. He would ask that you have another dog in the family and a fence.  Adoption fee for Merlin is $1000.



Tara: Female, 3 years old

Tara - this cutie is 3 years old and chock full of energy. She loves other dogs, especially if they'll play. She does like to be in charge, but once that's established, it's full steam ahead! A fence and another dog are a must. Does your home fit the bill?.



Bo: Male, 1 year old

Bo - this is one playful pup! At a year old, he's been keeping his foster playmate (Tara below) busy. Obviously, he gets along with other dogs. Not sure about cats. He has been in training to correct a behavior, so just to be sure, no kids. He requires a fence and another dog.



Chloe: Female, 6 years old

Chloe - Here's another 6-year-old puppy mill survivor.  Used for breeding all her life, now she's looking for new digs.   We're sure someone will want to take her under their wing and help her move on.   As with most mill dogs, she's on the shy side, but does very well with other animals. She'll require a fence and another dog in the home.




Emily: Female, 9 years old

Emily - At 9 years old, this cutie is looking for a new home since her owner died.   We're looking for a special home--one without cats or small animals.  Emily is blind and diabetic. Emily should be ok with 1 other dog who is a senior and/or quiet.  Or, she'd love being an only dog.  Can you help her on her way?


Pete: Male, 13 years old

Pete - we’re trying to help this old guy find a forever home. His owner has just passed away. He’s a 13-year old who looks to be a cocker mix, Golden in color. He weighs about 50 lbs.  Any room at your house?


no photo golden

Ellie: Female, 4 years old

Ellie - she's a four-year-old mill mama. What a blonde beauty she is! She's doing very well in foster and her favorite pastime is playing with both the female and the male goldens in the home. She requires another dog in the home and a fence.



Teddy: Male, 3 years old

Teddy - this handsome guy is another puppy mill entry. We're finding that he's great with other dogs and his favorite pastime is playing. He needs a little work walking on the leash, but it won't take long, once the weather figures out what it wants to do. He requires another dog in the home and a fence. Did I say he's 3 years old?



Kade: Male, 7 months old

Kade: Here's one of our younger puppies from a mill. Kade is currently in a foster home, learning the ropes and getting to know new canine and human friends. Unfortunately, he somehow got his leg caught in his x-pen and tore a ligament in his knee. Ouch!!! But, he's had surgery to fix it. That means he won't be available until after June 1, although with the COVID 19 issue, who knows when. We have to give him a chance to mend and then get the ok from his doctor. He will require another confident dog and a fenced-in yard.



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