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Buddy (2) - Male, 15 months old

Buddy (2) - this cutie came to us as a owner turn- in. The older couple recognized that he has more energy than they can keep up with. So they did the best thing for him. At 15 months old, he's still very much a pup and his superpower is that he can play with balls all day! He loves them?? He's good with everyone. He needs a fence and another dog would help him expend his energy, although the second dog isn't a deal-breaker.







Brooke & Moe: Female 4 & Male 7 years old

Moe and Brooke - this good-looking pair met at the mill and took an immediate liking to each other. Moe is 7 and Brooke is 4. They like everyone they meet, including kids, cats and other dogs. It's our plan to keep them together. No need to add any more stress to their lives. A conventional fence is a must.





Rosie - Female, 4 months old

Rosie - she's all rested up in her pink harness. Now all she needs is a place to go. Still a pup at 4 months, she came from a puppy mill earlier than most. Mom was an Irish Setter and Dad was a Golden. She loves everybody - kids, cats, and especially other dogs. As with all our mill dogs, she needs another confident dog to show her the ropes, and a conventional fence.






Leo - Male, 8 months old

Leo - this handsome young man is 8 months old. His owenr didn't have enough time to spend with him, so had to give him up. He is good with other dogs, cats and children. A fenced in yard is a must.





Jewel - Female, 5 years old

Jewel - she's sure a gem, and will add sparkle to any home for sure. She's looking for her forever home after leaving the puppy mill. At 5 years old, Jewel is good with kids, other dogs, and even cats. A conventional fence and another dog are in her future.





Daisy - Female, 6 years old

Daisy - she's Priscilla's littermate, so is a mill mama herself. At 6 years, her puppy-making days are over and she's ready to begin her new life outside the mill. She's good with kids and other dogs, but we're not sure about cats yet. She requires another dog and a fence.





Priscilla - Female, 6 years old

Priscilla - these mill mamas just keep on coming! Priscilla is 6 years old and has been working for the miller, producing litter after litter. But now it's her time to shine. She enjoys the company of other dogs and kids, but we're not sure about cats yet. As will all mill dogs, she requires another dog in the home and a fence.





Riley - Female, 5 years old

Riley - This cutie is hoping to spend Thanksgiving in her new home, playing with her new canine sibling(s) and running in the fenced yard. She's 5 years old and spent her time in the mill. She is good with all - i.e., kids, cats and other dogs. It goes without saying that she loves people.





Eli - Male, 5 months old

Eli - this 5-month-old pup will keep you laughing for sure. He's from a puppy mill, but he's putting that sad part of his life behind him and moving on to a new phase in his life - a way better phase. He's looking for a home with a fence and especially other dogs. Got room for him?





Chelsie - Female, 6 months old

Chelsie - at 6 months old, she's a typical Golden other than she's from a backyard breeder. She's looking for a family who will show her the ropes-teach her the rules. She's more than willing to learn. She has puppy energy, so be ready to give her exercise. A fence and another dog are required.




Lotty - Female, 5 years old

Lotty - she's got a lotty time to make up for. Having spent the last 5 years as a commercial breeder, Lotty is looking forward to a normal life with a loving family. She's good with other dogs, kids, and cats. She requires another confident dog in the home and a fence.




Peaches - Female, 5 years old

Peaches - fresh from the farm (or mill) where she's spent her entire 5 years, she's hoping to get picked to be your newest family member. She loves kids, cats, and especially other dogs. She requires a fence and another dog.





Mazey - Female, 4 months old

Mazey - here's another 4-month-old that came into our rescue from a puppy mill. Still young, she wants to learn the rules, and fit into a normal life outside the mill. She gets along with other dogs, kids and cats. She needs a fence an another dog in the home.




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