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Lexi - Female, 5 years old

Lexi - she's pals with Penny, only a slightly smaller version. She's had a spay day and is all set to enjoy the finer things in life. At 5 years old, she's glad to be able to turn her life around. Good with kids, cats, and other dogs.  Fenced in yard is required.





Daisy- Female, 2 years old

Daisy - this cutie patootie is a 2-year-old mill dog. She's pictured here at her spa day. As mill dogs go, she's on the shy side, but we're confident that with some work, she'll come around. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is ok with cats and kids, but keep in mind that her new home will have to go slow with her. She will require another confident dog in the home and a conventional fence.




Penny - Female, 3 years old

Penny - once again, we headed down to Amish country. We came back with this beautiful mama, Penny. She's 3 years old and good with kids, dogs, and cats. Penny is a little dominant, but dogs have a way of working out their place in the pack. Fenced in yard is required. We're sure she'll worm her way into your heart.





Trudy - Female, 4 years old

Trudy - Trudy comes to us from the same mill as Cali. She, too, is 4 years old. And she, too, is good with dogs, kids and cats. She is not quite as confident as Cali, but with some love and attention, she'll come around, as they all do. A conventional fence and another dog or two is the perfect home for her.

If you'd like to seriously consider Trudy, please fill out our online adoption application





Sheila- Female, 4 years old

Sheila - she's the new girl on the block. Her old neighborhood was at a puppy mill, where she raised several litters. Things are looking up, though. Now that she's a Golden Treasure, she's ready for a new neighbors. At 4 years old, she'll require a conventional fence and another dog in the home.

If you'd like to seriously consider Sheila, please fill out our online adoption application





Summer - Female, 6 years old

Summer - this is another mill mama, having spent 6 years having litter after litter.  As with most mill dogs, she's a little tentative at first, but if you give her time and let her go at her own pace, you'll soon find that she'll be a typical Golden, eager to learn the ropes and eager to please.  She will require another dog in the home and a conventional fence.







Starz- Female, 5 years old

Starz - once a dog reaches an age when she no longer is a money-maker for the puppy miller, that's when that dog's life changes for the better and she or he is given up on. Thankfully, we've been able to get a foothold into the puppy mill community and have been able to give these dogs a new, better life. Starz is no exception. She's 5 years old and is good with other dogs, kids, and even cats. She needs another confident dog in the home and a conventional fence, since all mill dogs are huge flight risks.





Cali - Female, 4 years old

Cali - She didn't look back as we rescued her from 4 years in a puppy mill. She has no idea how lucky she is, becoming a Golden Treasure. Mill dogs are typically on the shy side, but Cali seems to have escaped some of that. She's good with dogs, kids, and cats. Now all she needs is a conventional fence and another dog or two to bond with.






Koda - Female, 5 years old

Koda is a 5 yr. old retired puppy mill mom. She is sweet, affectionate and eager to please. She will need a fenced in yard and another dog. New sights and sounds spook her but with calm leadership she overcomes her fear. Who can resist that sweet face!  A conventional fence and another dog are required.




Macy: Female, 6 years old

Macy - She's 6 years old and has been with us while she recovered from orthopedic surgery. This cutie patootie was found in puppy mill country and was hit by a car. She's been in a wonderful foster home, learning how to be a dog. Her tail wags and she plays with toys. She's ready to go to her permanent home, which will have to include another dog and a conventional fence.




Tanner: Male, 6 months old

Tanner : This 6-month-old male rescued from a puppy mill, is a typical, joyful Golden, full of life and fun. He was a bit shy, but more confident than his littermate, Gabe. Tanner is 99% housebroken as long as you pay attention to his cues (coming to you or going to door) to let him out he will go outside, he will wake you in the night also if needs to go out. He is kennel trained with Kong (kibble) and loves to bounce around and play with his foster brothers. He is good with cats and eats great with a slow feeder. He does seeks attention and affection, but is great also at being content to lay at your feet. Coming from a puppy mill, he will require another dog or two in the home and a conventional fence.




Kade: Male, 7 months old

Kade: Here's one of our younger puppies from a mill. Kade is currently in a foster home, learning the ropes and getting to know new canine and human friends. Unfortunately, he somehow got his leg caught in his x-pen and tore a ligament in his knee. Ouch!!! But, he's had surgery to fix it. That means he won't be available until after June 1, although with the COVID 19 issue, who knows when. We have to give him a chance to mend and then get the ok from his doctor. He will require another confident dog and a fenced-in yard.



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