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Jenna: Female, 6 years old

Jenna - As are most of the puppy mill mamas, Jenna is a little on the shy side at first, having to adjust to an entirely new way of life. She spent 6 years having puppies, but now she'll begin her new life. Her new home will have to be dedicated to helping her lose about 15 lbs. of baby weight! She'll need a conventional fence and another dog to teach her how to be a dog.



Peri & Bali: Female, 3 years old

Peri and Bali came to us from Turkey. They were in the same household there, but due to COVID, their owners lost their business and couldn't take care of them any longer. They are a bonded pair, so they have to be adopted together. It's hard enough to lose the only home you've had. Peri is on the left and is a 5-year-old female and Bali is on the right and is 2 years old. 



Comet: Male, 2 years old

Comet - This handsome guy is described by his foster mom as sweet and affectionate, eager to please, likes to play, and not food, toy or leash aggressive. That being said, he's protective of his "person", and will do best in an adult-only home. He needs a home where the humans will be strong leaders. His fosters have started teaching him basic obedience and he'll make the right home very happy. He's 2 years old. He would like another young dog to play with and requires a fence.



Jax: Male, 15 months old

Jax - this handsome guy came to us after his owner died. He's 15 months old and, as you can expect, is full of happy energy. He likes other dogs and does well with cats. We need a family that has the energy to match his and to keep him active and that's why he'll need a fence. Of course, frequent walks will help. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.



Sky: Female, 5 years old

Sky - she has made her way to our rescue from a puppy mill, where she spent her life producing litter after litter, until she outgrew her usefulness to the miller. She's tall for a female Golden - probably about the size of a male. At 5 years old, she sure deserves a rest and a normal, loving home. She likes all people that she comes in contact with, is good with cats, and is looking forward to being in a home with another confident dog and a conventional fence. She'll have the time of her life!



Abby: Female, 2 years old

Abby - this cutie patootie is 2 years old. She's another of our China dogs and has been here for just a couple weeks. She's doing well in foster, but as with all of these dogs, she'll take a little bit of TLC to come totally around. She will require a fence.



Layla: Female, 9 months old

Layla - still a puppy at 9 months old, she's a typical Golden. She's like a blank slate, looking for a family to help her adjust to a normal life here in the US. She's also a very playful dog, so be ready to help her expend her energy. She's going to be eager to learn. A fence is a requirement.



Perry: Male, 3 years old

Perry - this handsome fella spent his first 3 years in China and was headed to a meat market when rescuers intervened. With the help of dedicated people in both China and here in the US, he's made his way to Golden Treasures. Perry will need a bit of extra help with his adjustment to a normal life, so his new home will have to agree to continue with his training and will need to be an adult home only.  



Faith: Female, 4 years old

Faith - Is she a cutie or what? She made the long trek from China's dog meat trade into our rescue, where she'll find her awesome forever home. She's 4 years old and is happy to get along with other dogs and kids. Her favorite thing to do is taking a walk and she's never without a toy in her mouth. She's not been cat-tested, but if that's what's in her new home, we'll know before she moves along. If you have another dog and a fence, give her a thought. 



Skye: Male, 18 months old

SKYE - this 18-month-old male is barely out of the puppy stage, so he's one of the lucky ones because he hasn't spent as long as some of the others in the China dog meat trade. As a typical Golden, he's going to make somebody a very nice dog. He, along with all of our China dogs, will require a fence.



Pearl: Female, 6 years old

Pearl - another of our imported dogs, Pearl is 6 years old. She has spent the first years of her life in a not-so-nice place and is lucky to have gotten out. We wish we had been able to help her sooner, but now that she's here, we're going to make sure to find a family who can make it up to her. She's a "GWA" (good with all), meaning she'll do find with people, other dogs and even cats. She will require a fence.



Raine: Female, 5 years old

Raine - this sweetie pie is 5 years old and was taken from a puppy mill. She is adjusting to her new life very quickly and is good with everyone--kids, dogs, cats. That being said, she also does require a secure fence and another confident dog in the home to help her transition to a normal life.



Kade: Male, 7 months old

Kade: Here's one of our younger puppies from a mill. Kade is currently in a foster home, learning the ropes and getting to know new canine and human friends. Unfortunately, he somehow got his leg caught in his x-pen and tore a ligament in his knee. Ouch!!! But, he's had surgery to fix it. That means he won't be available until after June 1, although with the COVID 19 issue, who knows when. We have to give him a chance to mend and then get the ok from his doctor. He will require another confident dog and a fenced-in yard.



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