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Maggie - Female, 2 years old

Maggie - here's our most recent addition to the line-up. She's a 2-year-old mill mama.  As is typical with the mill dogs, she's a little on the shy side, but is a little more confident than most. She's good with all and seems to gravitate to the male dogs. Besides the need for another dog, she also needs a conventional fence.




Belle - Female, 1 year old

Belle - It wasn't bad enough that she was born in a puppy mill. She also has a congenital defect (renal dysplasia) which will shorten her life span. To look at her, you'd never know this 1-year-old sweetheart is going through anything. She's a ball of energy, just like any other Golden pup. There's not much we can do for her except love her. She doesn't know she's sick, so don't tell her. One thing we can do for her to make her time on earth happy is to find her the perfect home. That home will be someone who is home most of the time. Someone who will accept her as she is, love her always, and help her when her time comes. She likes other dogs, so that home will have another dog and a conventional fence.






Sadie (2) - Female, 2 years old

Sadie (2) - here's another lucky dog - one that's been in a puppy mill but is now with us. She's 2 years old, is good with everyone, including kids, cats and dogs. Speaking of dogs, she'll require another dog in the home and a conventional fence.






Rosie - Female, 3 years old

Rosie - this 3-year-old mill mama has a front leg that's a little funky. It doesn't affect anything that she does. She just won't win any ribbons at the dog shows. What she will win is your heart, once you meet her. As a puppy mill survivor, she will require another dog in the home and a conventional fence.







Delilah - Female, 4 years old

Delilah - she spent her 4 years working at a puppy mill. She’s just now realizing how lucky she is to be a Golden Treasure. And as the days go on, life will just keep getting better. Her new home will have another dog and a fence. 





Blaze: Male, 6 months old

Blaze: Blaze came in as one of the 3Amigos.  Freddy and Taylor have been adopted, but Blaze is still looking for a home. He is 6-month- old and is looking for a home with another dog and a conventional fence. All are good with kids, cats and, of course, other dogs.





Finn - 1 year old

Finn - this young fella is house-hunting through no fault of his own. His owner had surgery which made it difficult to take care of Finn and he found himself in a crate too much. Luckily, his person realized he needed more than that and, so, Finn became a Golden Treasure. He's just a year old and gets along with everyone. Did I mention he loves to play fetch?






Rusty - Male, 7 years old

Rusty - leading off a new batch of puppy mill survivors is this guy, 7-year-old Rusty. In the dog world, he's considered a senior, but nobody told him. He's full of energy, waiting for instructions on how to adjust to his new world. He requires another dog in the home and a conventional fence.




Stevie - Male, 13 weeks old

Stevie - he’s basically a clean slate because he’s only 13 weeks old, fresh from a puppy mill. He’ll be glad to learn whatever you have to teach. We see another dog and a fence in his future. 





Amber - 18 months old

Amber - she's looking to join Weight Watchers as soon as she gets settled in her new home. At 18 months, this mill puppy is typical for most mill survivors. A little shy at first, but learns quickly that not everything is bad. She's good around other dogs, cats and kids.





Buddy (4) - Male, 2.5 years old

Buddy (4) - There seems to be a run on Buddys! This one is 2.5 years old, fresh from the puppy mill. He's a handsome fella, good with kids, cats and other dogs. He'll need another dog in the home and a conventional fence.





Butter - Female, 2 years old

Butter - for two years, this sweetie spent her time having puppies, only to have them taken away from her. Her life in the puppy mill is now over, thankfully, and she's ready to move on to bigger and "butter" things. Another dog and a fence is definitely in her future.






Buddy (2) - Male, 3 months old

Buddy (2)  - if you're looking for a new Buddy for your family, here he is. This little guy is only 3 months old and is a left-over from a puppy mill. He is a typical Golden - good with everyone and everything. He wants another dog in the home and a fence.




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