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Sam: Female, 18 months old

Sam - don't let the name fool you. Sam (maybe short for Samantha?) is just 18 months old and was used to breed. She's one of the fortunate ones who managed to find her way out of that situation. She's now on her way to a much better life. Obviously, she's not had much in the way of training or affection, so she's got some catching up to do. What will help her most, beside a loving family, is another dog. She's on the shy side at first, but once she knows you're her friend, she's all good. A fence is an absolute.



JJ: Male, 12 years old

JJ - this guy is a senior, at least 12 years old.  His original owner died and there was no suitable place for him, so he became a Golden Treasure.  He's a big guy and was extremely overweight, but since being with us, he's gotten most of the weight off.  This sweet but stubborn boy, in the twilight of his life, deserves a home where he can live out his life.  Because of his age, he has a little trouble walking on uncarpeted floors, so we're looking for a home that has mostly carpeting, or can put down rubber-backed runners to help him along, and limited stairs.  He's good with other dogs and with cats.  We know he has a stubborn streak, but when  you're that old, you're entitled to be stubborn.  No children, please.  Got any room for him?



Bogie: Male, 6 years old

Bogie- we found him sitting nervously in his run at the shelter.  Staff said he was stressed, so didn't "show well" and they were afraid nobody would like him.  When we got there, what we found was a sweet 6-year-old male golden mix (he has some white on his paws), who was only looking for someone to love.  He's turning into a velcro dog, but he's still a little fearful, so we're stipulating no kids.  He takes a few minutes to warm up to people, but once he does, he's good to go.  He also gets along with other dogs..

Dusty 1507 tn

Logan: Male, 10 years old

We've had Logan a while, but haven't found the right home for him yet. He's a nice dog, enjoying his foster home, but we know deep down, he wants a forever home. He's 10 years old and used to live with a doodle dog. He loves rides in the car.  Logan is reactive when he meets other dogs but we are currently doing behavior modification to help him overcome this issue. We are looking for a home that is willing to continue working with Logan and we will provide free transitional training to help. Logan is a great dog that deserves a great home!



Seth: Male, 8 months old

Seth- Anyone up for a game of fetch?  Or maybe a great hike in the MetroPark?  Seth is a 9 month old fabulous golden guy who is game for anything fun.  He walks like a dream on the leash and is polite when meeting other dogs and humans.  He will play fetch as long as you can throw the ball and also loves a game of tug.  Anyone looking for an agility dog?  He can already go thru the tunnel and up over the aframe (thanks to his foster friends!).

He has excellent crate and xpen skills.  Good around children but will need to be supervised because his happy body and wagging tail can be pretty powerful!!

As long as you have the time to play and exercise this fabulous young dog he will be an amazing companion!!



Dodi: Male, 2 years old

Here's one of our new arrivals from Turkey. It was a long trip for him, but he's so worth it. At about 2 years old, he has some medical issues that we're addressing. Once we get that resolved, he's good to go. He loves people and other dog, but at the top of his list is toys! He hoards them on his bed (probably his first ever bed). His ideal home would have another young dog to play with, to help expend all his energy.  Adoption fee for Dodi is $800.



Chelsea & Austin: Female (1 yr), Male (2 yrs)

This bonded pair came in recently from a shelter. Chelsea is 1 year old and Austin is 2. They get along with other dogs, are a little confused after their bounce, but settling in nicely. We discovered that Austin has a heart murmur and is going to see a cardiologist shortly. If possible, we'd like to keep this pair together.


George: Male, 10 months old

Meet George, a 10-month old fun active guy!. George was an owner turn-in because they did not have time for him. He has been in foster care for two months, learning what it's like to be part of a family, George needs lots of exercise! He loves to run with his foster family canine siblings in their fenced yard. He is great with other dogs and loves long walks in the Metropark. And if you don't mind a wet dog. he loves to swim!
One of George's behavioral challenges has been resource guarding, Occasionally, when he has an object in his possession - a toy, chew bone or maybe a shoe - he wants to claim it as his own. He is learning how to politely give the object up. He has come a long way and through training, it can be managed. George would do best in a home with at least one other active dog and NO children



Sammy and Jaxson: Males, Seniors

Sammy and Jaxson - These two sweeties are looking for a new home in the twilight years.  How sad is that?  They were given up by their owner because he could no longer care for them.  Lucky dogs.  They're now Golden Treasures.  Both of these guys are tall for the breed.  And both need to lose weight, especially Sammy.  Jackson is 9 and Sammy is 12.  They have the typical "senior" attitude--been there, done that.  A plus is that they get along with not only people, but other animals.  Can you step up to give these two a stable place to live out their "golden" years?


Apollo: Male, 5 years old

He doesn't like his short haircut, but what he does like is playing ball. After a long trip from Turkey, he's looking for an all-adult home. He'll tolerate a quiet dog, but would much rather be an only dog, so that he can hog all the love and attention that he's been missing out on. He's 5, so he's just getting started with his new life here in the USA. As a Turkey dog, his adoption fee is $800.




Rayna: Female, 3 years old

Here is another full-time mom. She's one of the lucky ones--only took 3 years to get her out. Now she's ready to move along to a better life, with her own family. She's currently on Weight Watchers, and her new family will have to continue a diet to get a few more pounds off. Rayna is ready to move on to a new family, one which will have to include another dog and a fenced-in yard.




Chloe: Female, Senior

Senior pair that lost their home due to owner going into nursing home. They are very bonded and good with cats and other dogs. Chloe the black Lab needs to lose some weight. Charlie has arthritis in his back end and is on meds to help with that. Very sweet old dogs.
Chloe - This senior black lab is best friends with Charlie, the chocolate guy.  They are a bonded senior pair that we would like to keep together, now that their owner is in a nursing home.  Chloe needs to lose a few pounds and Charlie has a bit of arthritis in his back legs which is being helped with some meds.  My theory is, if you live long enough, everybody gets arthritis!  Both dogs, beside loving each other, get along great with other dogs and cats.  Got some spare time to devote to these two?  They'll be forever grateful.



Charlie Male, Senior

Charlie - See his story above, with Chloe.  Right now, they're both wondering what's happening.  But we're sure they'll welcome a new family into their lives.  These guys have the senior attitude:  "Been there, done that." which makes for a very nice new member of the family.


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