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This beautiful boy is Sarge we received him last July 2020.  A week before we adopted Livi a golden Irish. The perfect twosome. Sarge has taught Livi a lot of important things. She was a breeder dog and didn't know how to be a dog. They are great for each other and progress keeps on happening. I don't think Livi would have made it out of her safe place if it wasn't for Sarge

We are still trying to teach them how to play and retrieve I think we're starting to make progress. They have given us nothing but joy laughs and love thank you Golden Treasures

 Marie Bill Laura
Sarge and Livi


We adopted Mya at the beginning of January from Golden Treasures. Her family had moved and for some reason, they did not want to bring her along. We were her foster home and then quickly realized she was part of the family and was meant to be with us. She definitely has spunk and enjoys playing at the doggy park with all the other dogs. Mya always has a toy in her mouth and is ready to play. She's been to the groomers for a bath and they claim she's one of the most well behaved clients the have. We are attending obedience training, and although we're only on our third week, she's showing great potential.
We are thrilled to have her and I believe she feels the same way.


Bella & Buddy

Sandy has been asking me to send in some photos of the 2 Goldens we
adopted this year - Buddy adopted in January, and Bella adopted in May.
Been having a tough time getting these two to hold still for a photo!
Lots of motion blur they are having so much fun playing together!
Favorite games in the backyard - hide & seek, tag, follow the leader, &
wrestling! They both enjoy going to the park together. Bella likes to
follow everything Buddy does, like he's her big brother. She loves to
cuddle with her dad, Buddy is extremely devoted to his mom - funny how
that goes. We are all very much enjoying our companionship & fun times

Mark & Marianne Gnandt

Lily's Story

Thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt Lily. I have always had great dogs, but Lily is the best dog I've ever had. Below is Lily's story in her own words. Please upload to your website so others can see what great dogs can be adopted from Golden Treasures. Lily is doing quite well. She now is at her perfect weight, 60 lbs, and is very comfortable here. At first, her tail was between her legs, but now, it wags all the time and is up in the air more than not. I'm thinking about training her to be a therapy dog. She is very laid back. I've only heard her bark a couple of times. She loves everyone, even strangers, so I keep a eye on her at all times. She could not be a better fit in our family.

Sandy and Glenn Davis

We wanted to pass along an update on ABBY (formerly Asia) and TY who we adopted over 2 years ago. When we lost our golden retriever Hailey of 11 years, our home became a very lonely place. We contemplated the idea of getting a new puppy and then we realized that there are so many dogs that were in search of a home. After searching on the internet we came across Golden Treasures. I am so glad we did. We first saw the pictures of the mother and son duo of Asia (now Abby) and Ty on your website; we then scheduled a time and took the two hour drive to meet them. They were the most loving wonderful dogs from the moment we met! All they wanted was someone to pay attention to them. We knew right away that they would become part of our new family. The next week we drove back to pick them up and every day since then has been a joy to come home again. Abby loves to carry around toys and is rarely seen without one. Ty is the sweet guy who always wants your attention. They love to play in their backyard and even learned how to swim. They were both totally housebroken from the first day home. The only thing they have not learned is how to share space in our bed at night. Thank you very much again for all your efforts and giving us the opportunity to call Abby and Ty part of our family.

Denny and Janine Kopko

Four years ago we lay to rest our beloved golden, Molly. She was the most well behaved dog our family could have asked for. She’s the reason we fell in love with the golden retriever breed. Soon after losing Molly to bone cancer we adopted Max. He was a young golden who had bounced from home to home and had never known stability. The golden retriever we fell in love with was nothing like Max. Max could very well be the brother of Marley from “Marley and Me”. He has a tendency to get into things and run around like crazy but that’s why we love him. There’s never a dull moment with Max in our lives. His favorite past times are reading the TV guide, sleeping with a pillow, chasing his tail, and running laps around the living room and his favorite meal is anything your eating, and don’t look away or it will be his. Max has learned how to flip your arm so it’s always over your head and has learned the command for hug, which is always nice when you’ve had a rough day. Max has made great improvements since we received him and as my mom says “Every once and while you’ll see a glimmer of hope that he’s entering adulthood” but deep down we think he’ll be a puppy forever. The whole family has come to love his silliness and his energy. And you always know you can count on Max when you want some company, maybe too much company at times (he hasn’t figured out that 80 pound dogs don’t belong in people’s laps). He’s energetic and many people would tell you he’s crazy, but he’s ours and we love him for all his craziness. Thanks for adding some excitement to our lives Golden Treasures Rescue, we love Max.

The Helm Family

PS. Please notice his bowl in this picture. This used to be his water bowl but he liked to pick it up and dump water on his head so he now has a giant glass bowl that he can’t pick up for his water. This bowl he now just flips over his face and runs around with it.
Hi Golden Treasures!
I wanted to update you on Carmen, who we adopted back in July of this year. She is a terrific dog and an adored member of the family. The cat thing is coming along and she's never harmed them, in fact she desperately wants to play with them. Problem is they don't play the way she does! Nonetheless, she doesn't chase them around the house like she used to!
The kids love playing with her and she also enjoys romping with our neighbor's dog. We love her petite size and she is so loving with the kids and freely gives kisses when asked. Thanks for connecting us to such a wonderful dog!

The Franck Family



Dear Golden Treasures,
In November 2009 we decided to adopt a golden retriever after our beloved Daisy passed away after 8 wonderful years in October. We adopted Maggie - she was at the time about 9 months old. She has been a welcome joy to our house. Our 8year old yellow lab Kaycee may at times have her own ideas about that, but she does tolerate Maggie's zest for life and likes to play tug with her. We love seeing Maggie lick Kaycee's face and lay down beside her.

She has the sweetest face, and has filled a void in my life that I truly needed after Daisy was gone. She was a skinny 37lbs when we got her and now tops the scales at 54lbs and growing. She has found a place that she loves and we love her. I would highly recommend anyone giving a dog that has been rescued the chance at a happy life.

Sincerely, Sylvia Mather

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Henry (formerly Victor)


Lucy - Female, 4 years old

Lucy - the newest entry in our mill race (to find a new home), is sweet Lucy. Her working days as a commercial breeder are done, after 4 long years. She is good with other dogs, cats, and kids. As with all our puppy mill dogs, she requires another dog in the home and a conventional fence.



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