Golden Godparents

In increasing numbers, Golden Treasures is rescuing goldens with extraordinary medical issues. We never turn these dogs down, regardless of what our checking account says. In order to continue saving all dogs coming our way, we're instituting a new program which gives people an opportunity to help in two ways: First, by donating to our Godparent program, you'll be helping Golden Treasures pay for some whopping vet bills. Second, with those bills being paid, we're able to concentrate on helping more dogs.

As a Golden Godparent, you will be recognized as a donor on our website and will be able to keep abreast of the recovery of your goddog (is that a word?) A personal thank you will be sent by the dog you sponsor.

If you can find it in your heart to open up your pocketbook just one more time, read about our most recent candidates. You can send your donation (be sure to indicate which dog is to receive the donation) to

Golden Treasures
P.O. Box 434
Bath, Ohio 44210

Or make a donation through PayPal:


Emily: Female, 9 years old

Hi, my name is Emily and I'm looking for a very, very special home--either a foster home or a forever home.  I'm 9 years old and I have diabetes.  I'm looking for a certain someone who is willing to help me manage it by giving me 2 shots of insulin each day.  THIS HOME CAN BE A FOSTER HOME (WHERE ALL MY EXPENSES, INCLUDING MEDICAL EXPENSES, WILL BE PAID FOR BY THE RESCUE), or a forever home.  Right now, I'm having to stay at a kennel, and it's a bummer.  I'm a senior and I deserve better.

This picture really doesn't do me justice--someone shaved me and I didn't like it, plus it's not really recommended by dog people.  But, my coat will grow back and I'll look more like a pretty golden again.  My ideal home, other than those shots, will have no cats or small animals.  I'd prefer to be an only dog, but would probably be ok with a quiet, submissive dog--maybe a senior.  Please, please, can  you help? If you think you can help me by either fostering, adopting, or even just paying a little something toward my kennel bill, contact Golden Treasures ASAP.