Temporary change in Adoption Policy

Sadly, with the present situation regarding the COVID-19 restrictions, we need to make a few TEMPORARY  adjustments:
Effective immediately, we are suspending out-of-state adoptions longer than a 3 hour drive from our location in Bath, OH.
We will also be prioritizing the apps that presently have a fence and another dog, due to the fact that the majority of our rescues are Mill Dogs.
If you do not presently have a dog, but have a fence and are seriously willing to adopt a pair, we will also put your application on our priority list.

Please keep in mind, this is a temporary situation, but one we must implement. Our first priority is finding the right forever home for our precious rescues.
We also have to be considerate of those who step up to meet our needs by volunteering. 
We are in unchartered territory at this moment and we ask you to be patient as we navigate through the ever-changing restrictions being set by our state to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Golden Retriever Adoption and rescue

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Aubrie: Female, 5 years old

Aubrie - this mill momma just came into our program. She is 5 years old and spent most of that time having litters. Her time has come to live the good life. She's good with other dogs, and requires one in her new home. She also needs a fence.

If you're interested in Aubrie, please fill out our online adoption application

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Champ: Male, 7 years old

Champ - he has spent 7 years in a puppy mill. But his luck has just changed. He's our newest Golden Treasure. He's good with everyone- dogs, kids, and cats. He'll know what it's like to be part of a loving family. He requires another confident dog in the home and a fenced in yard.

If you're interested in Champ, please fill out our online adoption application



Jackie: Female, 6 years old

Jackie - she just got her best break. She got out of a puppy mill, where she spent her entire 6 years. She's a sweet, shy gal, but loves everyone that she's been introduced to so far, including other dogs.

If you're interested in Jackie, please fill out our online adoption application



Kade: Male, 7 months old

Kade: Here's one of our younger puppies from a mill. Kade is currently in a foster home, learning the ropes and getting to know new canine and human friends. Unfortunately, he somehow got his leg caught in his x-pen and tore a ligament in his knee. Ouch!!! But, he's had surgery to fix it. That means he won't be available until after June 1, although with the COVID 19 issue, who knows when. We have to give him a chance to mend and then get the ok from his doctor. He will require another confident dog and a fenced-in yard..

If you're interested in Kade, please fill out our online adoption application



Flynn: Male, 6 months old

Flynn is one of three puppies that has recently come in from a puppy mill. Because he''s so young, hopefully he'll catch on to what a quality home has to offer. As with all mill dogs, he will need a fence and another dog.

If you're interested in Flynn, please fill out our online adoption application



Murphy: Male, 2 years old

Murphy - He came from a puppy mill and is 2 years old. The previous owner wanted to use him as a stud, but Murphy wasn't a good candidate. He obviously wasn't going to make any money for the owner, so out he went. Now that he's a Golden Treasure, he won't have to worry about that. He does need a fence and another dog though.

If you're interested in Murphy, please fill out our online adoption application



Lucy: Female, 3 years old

Lucy - this sweetie is a 3-year-old mill pup who was lucky enough to get out. She's in foster right now, learning the ropes. As with most of the mill dogs, she's on the shy side at first, but it won't take long for her to come around. She will require a fence and another confident dog.

If you're interested in Lucy, please fill out our online adoption application



Harvey: Male, 4 years old

Harvey - This handsome guy came to us via a complicated route. He, along with his friend, Molly, was left at a shelter by a backyard breeder who was done with them. We pulled them from the shelter. Although they aren't technically mill dogs, their behavior is much the same. They are shy and scared. They will each need a fence and another confident dog. He is 4 years old..

If you're interested in Harvey, please fill out our online adoption application



Emily: Female, 9 years old

Emily - At 9 years old, this cutie is looking for a new home since her owner died.   We're looking for a special home--one without cats or small animals.  Emily is blind and diabetic. Emily should be ok with 1 other dog who is a senior and/or quiet.  Or, she'd love being an only dog.  Can you help her on her way?

If you're interested in Emily, please fill out our online adoption application


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