Golden Retriever Adoption and rescue


Emily: Female, 9 years old

Emily - At 9 years old, this cutie is looking for a new home since her owner died.  She's not normally shaved (which we don't recommend), but her coat will grow out quickly.  We're looking for a special home--one without cats or small animals.  Emily should be ok with 1 other dog who is a senior and/or quiet.  Or, she'd love being an only dog.  Canyou help her on her way?

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Seth: Male, 8 months old

Seth- This cutie is only 8 months old and, through no fault of his own, has been in a few homes.  He's a typical active, loveable golden pup, evidently lookin' for love in all the wrong places.  He's good with kids and other dogs.  Seth is eager to find a family who will help him grow into a great golden oldie.  He'll be more than willing to let you teach him.  Let's find him his forever home.

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JJ: Male, 12 years old

JJ - this guy is a senior, at least 12 years old.  His original owner died and there was no suitable place for him, so he became a Golden Treasure.  He's a big guy and was extremely overweight, but since being with us, he's gotten most of the weight off.  This sweet but stubborn boy, in the twilight of his life, deserves a home where he can live out his life.  Because of his age, he has a little trouble walking on uncarpeted floors, so we're looking for a home that has mostly carpeting, or can put down rubber-backed runners to help him along, and limited stairs.  He's good with other dogs and with cats.  We know he has a stubborn streak, but when  you're that old, you're entitled to be stubborn.  No children, please.  Got any room for him?

If you are interested in adopting JJ, please fill out our online adoption application.



Bogie: Male, 6 years old

Bogie- we found him sitting nervously in his run at the shelter.  Staff said he was stressed, so didn't "show well" and they were afraid nobody would like him.  When we got there, what we found was a sweet 6-year-old male golden mix (he has some white on his paws), who was only looking for someone to love.  He's turning into a velcro dog, but he's still a little fearful, so we're stipulating no kids.  He takes a few minutes to warm up to people, but once he does, he's good to go.  He also gets along with other dogs. 

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George: Male, 10 months old

Meet George, a 10-month old fun active guy!. George was an owner turn-in because they did not have time for him. He has been in foster care for two months, learning what it's like to be part of a family, George needs lots of exercise! He loves to run with his foster family canine siblings in their fenced yard. He is great with other dogs and loves long walks in the Metropark. And if you don't mind a wet dog. he loves to swim!
One of George's behavioral challenges has been resource guarding, Occasionally, when he has an object in his possession - a toy, chew bone or maybe a shoe - he wants to claim it as his own. He is learning how to politely give the object up. He has come a long way and through training, it can be managed. George would do best in a home with at least one other active dog and NO children

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Dusty 1507 tn

Logan: Male, 10 years old

We've had Logan a while, but haven't found the right home for him yet. He's a nice dog, enjoying his foster home, but we know deep down, he wants a forever home. He's 10 years old and used to live with a doodle dog. He loves rides in the car.  Logan is reactive when he meets other dogs but we are currently doing behavior modification to help him overcome this issue. We are looking for a home that is willing to continue working with Logan and we will provide free transitional training to help. Logan is a great dog that deserves a great home!

If you are interested in adopting Logan, please fill out our online adoption application.