Volunteer Opportunities
Because we are totally volunteer driven, the success of Golden Treasures depends solely on the help we receive from dedicated volunteers who are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help a few good dogs. Volunteers are the backbone of all rescues and Golden Treasures is no exception. The donation of your professional skills is also welcome!

Following are descriptions of some of the important volunteer jobs available to Golden Treasures members. We welcome your support of our program through your participation as a volunteer.

  • Foster Home – Welcoming a rescued golden into your home to help us evaluate him/her so that we can find the perfect new home. There is no cost involved in fostering. All medical expenses are covered by the rescue and we’ll even reimburse for food. The stay for a dog in foster varies, but usually it’s between 3-4 weeks, maybe shorter. Younger dogs are placed sooner than senior dogs most of the time.
  • Vet Checks and Application Interviews – An all-important part of our adoption process includes doing a detailed check on the vet history of animals owned by prospective new homes and a comprehensive telephone interview, if the vet check is satisfactory. Instructions are provided. Depending on the volume of applications being submitted, plan to spend about 2-3 hours a week.
  • Home visits – Part of our adoption process requires a home visit to prospective new homes. You’ll be asked to contact the applicant (after the application has been approved) and make plans to visit the home.
  • Transport – Help us transport rescued goldens by picking them up at pounds or shelters (sometimes from their owners) and driving them to one of our network veterinarians or another designated place. You’ll need a vehicle large enough to accommodate a crate or have some sort of barrier or way to contain the dog in your vehicle. Depending on how far you are willing to travel, you’ll be busy for 1-4 hours each trip. You’ll need to be able to handle an unfamiliar dog.
  • Event coordinator – We’ll provide you with the list of our members. We’ll notify all email members of our current public events. The volunteers who are willing to participate will contact you and you’ll arrange the schedule. You’ll make arrangements to have the table set-up ready at the beginning of the event, have enough volunteers during the day of the event, and then make arrangements to have the table set-up taken down.
  • Representing Golden Treasures at public events – Help us showcase our adoptable dogs. Staffing Golden Treasures booths at pet fairs or pet supply stores (Petsmart). There you’ll meet the public, answer questions about goldens and about our rescue and explain our adoption procedure. We’ll provide the information that’s included at our booth, i.e., pictures and stories of the dogs available, tablecloth, hand-outs, etc. Plan to spend between 2-3 hours at each event.
  • Auction Committee – Our annual dinner/auction is the main fundraiser for Golden Treasures. During the year, you’ll be asked to help solicit items and then, as the date for the auction nears, there will be several meetings of about 3 hours each. The day of the auction is very busy and will require much of the day.
  • Grant Writing – Researching and writing grant proposals. Time needed is flexible, depending on the foundation deadlines.
  • Bulk Mailing – A few times a year (2 or 3), Golden Treasures does a bulk mailing. You would be required to get the mailing material (letter, insert card, return envelope, stamps) duplicated, stuff and stamp the envelopes, sort by ZIP code (440, 441 and one group for the rest of the ZIP codes), count the pieces in each of the three groups, and deliver them to our bulk mailing coordinator. This will usually take about 6-8 hours over a period of several days.

 If you would like to volunteer, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out our upcoming Events to see if there is one coming up near you.

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