Foster a Dog

Fostering a dog in need is a rewarding experience like no other! It is a great feeling to know that you have helped a dog move on to a better life. For every dog we can help re-home, we can open up a space to save yet another.

As a foster home, you are offered all the support you need to care for your foster dog. All we need is for you to provide affection, attention and some space in your home. All dogs are fully vetted before arriving at your home. We will work with you to find a foster dog that matches your home and lifestyle. Most of our rescued goldens are homeless because of people problems: divorce, new baby, moving, no time, too much energy, no training, or the kids lost interest. Rarely is it the fault of the dog.

We often hear people say that they cannot foster because they cannot let the dog go, and often ask us how a foster family can do it. One of the most rewarding and heartbreaking experiences you will have will be to send your first foster dog on to its new home. But, it is worth every pang of sadness you feel and tear you will shed as you know that, with your help, the dog will have a good, clean, safe and living home and a family of its own. If every foster family kept their foster dog, it would close the door for the next golden that is in a shelter or unfit environment. And that is a shame.

If you have adopted from us, you have the love of your golden thanks to someone who was able to let your dog “go” and provide you with the opportunity to share your life with your new companion.

Do you have the room, time and love to spare for a foster dog to join your family? Please consider becoming a foster family and share the joy of welcoming a new member into the family.

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