Acme Cash Back program

enefiting Golden Treasures Rescue

Each year, Golden Treasures participates in Acme's Cash Back Program. This is an easy way to help Golden Treasures raise much needed funds and all you have to do is save your receipts.

This program for 2018 earned GTR $141.38.  Thanks to everyone who submitted receipts.

Dates for the 2019 program will be posted when availalable.

Qualifying items are

  •  Acme, Food Club,
  • Simply Done,
  • TopCare,
  • Wide Awake Coffee Co,
  • Valutime,
  • Sweet P's,
  • Full Circle,
  • Nostimo,
  • Over the Top,
  • Cape Covelle, 
  • @ease,
  • Buckley Farms,
  • Paws

Acme will pay Golden Treasures 5% of the cash back bonus amount that appears on the bottom of the receipt.  We must have a minimum of $1,500.00 in cash back bonuses in order to receive the 5%.  If you are an Acme shopper, please save your receipts for Golden Treasures.  Even if you are not an Acme shopper yourself, you probably have a friend, family members, co-worker or neighbor who is.  Ask them to save their receipts for you.  This program can be very successful for us, but it takes a lot of Acme receipts.

As you collect the Acme receipts, please mail them periodically to:

Fleeta Bodosi
514 Somerset Road
Akron, Oh 44313

Thank you for your support.