Golden Treasures requests what may seem to be a lot of information, but our goal is to find the right fit for you and for our dog.  We ask about your home, interest, and lifestyle and then work to have that coincide with our dog's social, exercise and training needs.  Our application process is designed to match the attributes and personality of our rescued Goldens to the home best-suited to each dog.  If you are able to provide the special home that a rescued Golden deserves, we hope to be able to match you with the right dog.

Complete the online application below or if you prefer to complete a printed application, click here

About You and Your Family
Caring for Your Dog
Dog Ownership and Experience
Breed Information and Preferences
Veterinary Contact Information

Please contact your vet(s) within 1 business day and give them  permission to release information to us.

Agreement & Signature

The information I have provided in this Adoption Application Form is accurate and complete.

I understand and accept that Golden Treasures' adoption and matchmaking process involves mutual decision-making between the adopter, the adoption team and the foster home and is based on determining which family or individual can best meet the needs of each dog in the program.  Golden Treasures' adoption team will take my preferences regarding age, activity level, etc. into consideration, but the completion of this application does not in any way guarantee that Golden Treasures will adopt a dog to me.

If I adopt a dog from Golden Treasures, it will reside in my home as a pet.  I will provide it with adequate shelter, food, water, training, affection and medical care, including monthly heartworm preventatives.

I understand that I must consent to an interview and a home visit before approval to adopt a Golden Treasures dog is granted.  Reference checks may also be required.

I understand and agree that Golden Treasures may refuse my application for any reason, at its sole discretion.  I also understand that Golden Treasures may not disclose the reason for not approving my application, in order to maintain the privacy of both myself and the Golden Treasures volunteers.

I understand that upon completing an adoption, I must sign a mutually acceptable Animal Adoption Contract, which shall be provided by Golden Treasures.