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Golden Retriever Club of America

The national organization for golden retrievers is The Golden Retriever Club of America.  The Golden Retriever Foundation is the rescue branch of that organization and sponsors  "The April Fund", which helps rescues with extraordinary medical expenses incurred in the rescue and rehabilitation of the dogs they help.  Golden Treasures has been able to avail themselves numerous times of the help that this wonderful club offers.

The Goldstock Fund Limited is another organization that we have been able to ask for help with the costs of sending our rescues off to their new homes as healthy as possible.

Golden Treasures has been lucky enough to receive a second grant in the amount of $700, from Golden Rescue In Naples, Inc. (GRINinc.) to be used for the medical expenses of our dog, Maverick. GRINinc. has been focusing their efforts on extending grants to help senior and special needs goldens. Thanks again to them for helping us!!


GTR Awarded "Dog Rescue Award"

DogBreedsInfo.org has presented Golden Treasures Rescue with a Dog Rescue Award for excellence in providing underprivileged dogs a much valued resource. DogBreedsInfo.org acknowledges the best organizations around the country with a special award emblem, recognizing them for their outstanding work.


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