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Golden Retrievern
Golden Retrievern

Logan (2): Male, 2 years old

This 2-year-old cutie has lost his home because of a change in housing. He's still very much a happy, energetic dog, glad to play and run. Nobody seems to have taken much time with him to teach many manners, but he's a very smart guy and is going to be a good learner. Because of his energy, he'd probably knock over a little one, so we're looking for a home with older kids.

Golden Retriever

Duke: Male, 8 years old

Like Lulu before him, his family has had changes that necessitate that he find a new home. Luke is 8 years old, and is good with kids, cats and other dogs. He met Lulu (see her story) on a blind date and things have been getting cozy. They really "dig" each other, if you get my meaning..

Golden Retriever

Lulu: Female, 6 years old

Through no fault of her own, Lulu is homeless. Her previous family has had life changes. She's not sure what that means except that she's looking for a new place to call home. She's 6 years old and good with other dogs. Word has it that she's fallen head-over-heels with another one of our dogs!


Cinnamon: Female, 8 years old

Here's another senior, 8 years old.  She sure lives up to her color!  Sadly, her owner dies and she's floundering and in search of a new home.  She doesn't especially like thunder, and needs a fence.  She gets along with everybody, which includes kids, dogs and cats.  She has become fast friends with Cinnamon, who shares a foster home with her.  Perhaps you'd consider adopting them both.


Tawny: Female, 8 years old

This cutie patootie is 8 years young.  She's an owner turn-in because they didn't have enough time for her.  And, they just couldn't seem to keep her in the yard. Obviously, we're looking for a family with a fence.  Tawny is good with kids, other dogs, and cats.  How about it?  Can you handle this wanderer?.


Tawny & Cinnamon      

Tawny and Cinnamon have become best buddies in their foster home.


Murphy: Male, 18 months old

As is typical in young dogs, and especially with Murphy, energy is abounding.  He is an 18-month-old guy who was an owner turn-in due to an illness in the family and the inability to give him the exercise he needs.  He is good with other dogs, is what we call a Velcro dog (sticks to you), and will become your shadow.
If you're looking for a constant companion, Murphy's your guy.


Buddy: Male, 2 years old

Buddy - only difference between Buddy and a golden is the color. His family didn't have time for him, so he's looking for a new home--absolutely with a fence. He's good with kids and other dogs, but we're not sure about cats. Walking on a leash seems to be rather new to him, so he needs someone to work with him on that. Did I say he's 2?.

Snickers 2017 04 2
Snickers 2017 04

Snickers: Male, 6 years old

Snickers is a 6yr. old who was left behind when his owner had to move out of state. He is a very happy go lucky tall boy who loves everyone he meets. Snickers is strong and active but learning to walk well on a leash. He would like a forever home with a big fenced yard and another canine companion to run and play with him. Snickers also wanted us to mention his copiloting skills in the car!